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Blogs, Social Media and Search

Hello, I'm Tadeusz Szewczyk, I help people with blogs, social media and search.

Blogs are not an end by themselves, they serve in most cases to attract a specific audience to your website. These people are meant to be able to get a positive impression and to return regularly. Then they will recommend you and either become customers themselves or make sure that others do trust you too. This trust has to be earned genuinely.

When it comes to blogs I can
  • set up and customize them
  • make them popular
  • create content and provide technical support
After the set up, customization and popularization I can hand over the successful blog to your team as soon as it works. Additionally I can make your blog profitable.

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest do not have to be used as a pastime. You can on the contrary actively contribute to attract people who are already interested in you or your offerings. These people are already preoccupied with the topics that matter for your business. We can pick them up where they are waiting for us.

On Social Media I can
  • manage content
  • forge relationships
  • establish authority in a given niche
When we approach people who are already interested in you they will become thankful and satisfied fans. These people will function as your advocates on their own accord.

Search is still the number one way to bring visitors to websites. Those who do not have a blog and take part in social media activity have often only the single choice to reach people online that is by way of search. That's often costly as money has to be spend on ads. Search engines are rewarding increasingly blogs and social media though. Those who use blogs, social media and their own site correctly will gain better rankings on search engines in the long run.

In search I can get
  • your site indexed by search engines
  • it to rank better
  • more visitors to your site
Search is done by engines but ultimately run by humans for humans. People prefer informative and popular content. Things that succeed on blogs and social media end up significantly higher in search engines. In case you want to reach clients on the Internet you need to attract them earlier with free value propositions on blogs and through direct contact on social media. Additionally this engagement gets rewarded by search engines.



Online journals or weblogs have proliferated since around 2001/2002. I began to blog privately in 2003. In 2004 I started writing professionally for blogs. Professional doesn't mean a valuation or judgement here. It means I did it as an occupation or simply getting a compensation. I also consult clients about blogging.

By 2007 I gained international attention as a blogger when I started publishing my first blog in English.
For four years from 2008 to 2011 I have been as "Tad Chef" the most important blogger at an agency from Oxford in the UK. At the end due to my efforts the blog received the UK Search Award for best blog in the UK. I also take care of blogs for clients in Germany.


Social Media

By now Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest have also proliferated in Germany. I have used most of them actively right from the start. A major part of my international prominence is directly connected to my engagement on many social media platforms.
I have used social media since 2005 both privately and for business reasons as well.
It means I have banded together with like-minded bloggers early on for mutual aid online. Social Media connections lead invariably to a heightened awareness on the Web. Those who hide can't be seen but once they're discovered people get suspicious. Especially businesses often fail to contribute to social media in a valuable way. I help them doing that.



Having more than 15 years of experience in online publishing I can look back to a time before Google. Already at that time it was about getting attention by establishing connections with other webmasters via mailing lists or Web rings. Later on while Google has almost completely wiped off other search engines SEO became more and more important.

To score with Google mere search engine optimizers do not suffice these days anymore. Blogs and social media are part of a holistic strategy.

From 2004 onwards I support clients in getting found on Google. The German economic weekly WiWo has written about me in 2005: Tadeusz Szewczyk clears the way.
The people who end up on your site via Google usually are seeking something very specific. In case they don't find it immediately and in high enough quality where they land they disappear again. Thus it's about optimizing your site so that people become customers or brand evangelists. Those who rely solely on Google but don't offer valuable content and highly targeted products or services will fail.

Blogs and social media get increasingly used by Google as ranking signals to judge websites as a whole. Additionally regularly published blog articles make people who weren't interested in your subject matter and offers right from the start visit you.



Currently a.o.:

  • - My English language blog where I cover blogs, social media and search
  • - German bike blog dealing e.g. with fixie, cruiser and BMX culture, sports plus design

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Last updated: August 6th, 2013.